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Technical characteristics of white non-woven fabric

The wide application of non-woven fabrics in today's market is determined by many factors, but the more important point is determined by the technical characteristics of Bamboo non-woven fabric. Let Changshu Yanrui Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. introduce the technical characteristics of white non-woven fabrics!
1. The raw materials used in non-woven fabrics within the scope of raw material use can be used in addition to the raw materials used in the textile industry, and various raw materials that cannot be used in the textile industry can also be used. It can be used for coarse hard, fine soft and some very short worthless waste fibers and regenerated fibers.
2. The process is simple and the labor productivity is high. The traditional prevention industry is because the process is relatively long and the process of the non-woven industry is very short. Especially spunbond non-woven fabrics, the process flow is much shorter than the traditional textile process. Compared with general traditional textiles, the output will increase exponentially, and labor productivity will also increase a lot.
3. High production speed and high output The relationship between production speed and output is very close. Generally, if the production speed is high, the output will also be high, which is directly proportional.
4. There are many process changes and product uses There are many non-woven processing methods, and the process of each method can be varied. Various processing methods can also be combined with each other to form a new production process.
From the non-woven finishing technology to Beijing, there are many changes in the process. Coatings of different properties are applied to white non-woven fabrics to give different properties. They can also be laminated with other fabrics, which will produce a variety of New product. If you need to purchase white non-woven products, please come to consult Changshu Yanrui Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd.!

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