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How to distinguish the real and fake non-woven leather base fabric

Nowadays, with the improvement of economic level, our concept of environmental protection is also increasing day by day. Now Yizheng Golden Ocean Nonwoven has won the love of many people, and many manufacturers are also optimistic about the development prospects of non-woven leather-based non-woven bags. Invest in this industry, but in the face of so many non-woven leather-based non-woven bags on the market, how do we distinguish the true and false? Now the editor has summarized some methods for your reference.

To distinguish the authenticity of non-woven leather-based non-woven bags, we first need to understand several parameters that determine the quality of products:
1. The lathe looking at the non-woven bag
Everyone should know that stitching is very important in the process of non-woven bags. In order to save costs, cheap non-woven bags usually only use a single thread when running the locomotive. Inexperienced workers are employed to make the stitching line of the product not straight or even running.
2. Look at the grams of non-woven fabrics
The number of grams here refers to the weight of the non-woven fabric in 1 square meter. The heavier the weight, the more non-woven fabrics are used. Naturally, the thicker and stronger the non-woven fabrics are. For the non-woven bags used by ordinary enterprises for publicity, most of them are used to save costs. It is suitable for 80 grams of non-woven fabrics, 80 grams of non-woven fabrics can be reused about 10 times, and the feel is relatively thin. 70 grams can bear 4-5 kg ​​weight, 80 grams can bear 5-6 kg weight, and so on.
3. Look at the non-woven process
A good-quality non-woven leather-based non-woven bag is not only durable but also very good-looking, and it is very classy in the hand. Most of the non-woven bags on the market use screen printing, screen printing non-woven bags. The bag is cheap and the lines are clear. In addition to the human factor, another important indicator is the pigment. Some unscrupulous manufacturers choose inferior dyeing agents, which makes the non-woven bag not environmentally friendly and even has a pungent odor.

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