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Functional properties of needle punched nonwovens

Acupuncture non-woven fabrics are a kind of non-woven fabrics, which are made of polyester and polypropylene raw materials, and are made by several times of needling and proper hot rolling. According to different processes, with different materials, hundreds of products are made, which are used in all walks of life, and various specifications can be customized according to different purposes.
The term "functionality" of acupuncture non-woven fabrics is relatively unfamiliar to many people. The cost of needle-punched non-woven fabrics does not seem to be very different on the surface, but it has some "special" functions, such as: water absorption, fire prevention, flame retardant, heat preservation, etc. This is the function Sex work. Functionality means that by changing the properties of the finished product, adding various functional preparations and processes in the production process and finishing, the fabric has special effects and properties.

So, what "functionality" can needle-punched non-woven fabrics be made into? What is the principle and use? Let's find out together!
1. Fireproof and flame retardant: ordinary fabrics will burn in case of fire, while flame retardant fabrics will polymerize, blend, copolymerize, and spin composite flame retardants to make the fibers have flame retardant properties. Flame retardant fabrics mainly include: aramid, flame retardant acrylic, flame retardant viscose, flame retardant polyester, smoldering vinylon, etc. It is suitable for making protective clothing in metallurgy, oil field, coal mine, chemical industry, electric power and fire protection industry.
2. Insulation: The zirconium carbide compound particles are added to nylon and polyester fibers, which can absorb solar energy well and convert it into heat, that is, far-infrared insulation. It is suitable for making clothing in cold environment, greenhouse insulation quilt, home textile filling, etc.
What functional types, principles and uses can it be made into.
3. Far-infrared function: It has excellent health care physiotherapy, moisture removal, ventilation and antibacterial functions. It can absorb the heat radiated by the human body, absorb and emit the far-infrared rays needed by the human body, promote blood circulation, and have warm and physiotherapy effects. . Mainly made into underwear, pants, cushions, etc.
4. Antistatic: The method of hydrophilic finishing or adding conductive fibers makes the fabric conductive. This fabric is not easy to absorb dust and has antistatic properties. It is very suitable for making carpets and special work clothes such as dustproof clothes.
5. Water absorption: ordinary needle-punched non-woven fabrics can absorb water, but the air permeability is relatively poor, but it uses the difference in the size of water vapor particles and raindrops to attach a porous structure film with a pore size smaller than that of raindrops on the surface of the fabric, so that it has a Good water absorption and good breathability.

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