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Application of Needle-Punched Nonwovens in Protective Masks

With the development of modern industry, air quality problems, smog and dust, people need to wear masks for protection to prevent the nose from inhaling dust particles. When the flu or epidemic comes, it is also necessary to wear a mask for protection to prevent the spread of bacteria and cause cross-infection. In fact, masks are used in many places in real life. Not only can it protect our respiratory system, but it can also be used as an accessory for young people who pursue fashion. Today I will share with you the benefits of using white needle-punched non-woven fabrics to make masks.
The white needle-punched non-woven fabric is made of a white soft polyester fiber, ES fiber, polypropylene fiber and other raw materials. The needle-punched process is used to make the fiber diameter between a few microns and more than ten microns, because the fiber diameter is ultra-fine And disordered, therefore, have three-dimensional porous characteristics. Structure, large surface area, small pore size, high porosity, flexible structure, initial shape effect, low resistance.

White needle-punched nonwovens have a good ability to capture fine particles in the air such as fine dust and bacteria. White needle-punched non-woven fabric is an excellent fiber filter material, which is usually used as filter components of various primary and medium-efficiency filter devices, such as face masks, air filters, oil-absorbing cotton and other products.
The mask made of white needle-punched non-woven fabric has a filtering effect, protects the human body from dust, bacteria and viruses, reduces various infections, and effectively protects the health and safety of the human body.

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