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Main uses of spunbond nonwovens

1. medical supplies
Surgical gowns, handkerchiefs, caps, shoe covers, ambulance suits, nursing suits, surgical curtains, surgical coverings, instrument coverings, bandages, isolation gowns, hospital gowns, sleeves, aprons, bedspreads, etc.
2. hygiene products
Sanitary napkins, diapers, adult incontinence products, adult care pads, etc.
3. clothing
Clothing (sauna suit), lining, pockets, suit cover, clothing interlining.
4. household items
Simple wardrobe, curtain, bathroom curtain, indoor flower decoration, wipe cloth, upholstery cloth, apron, sofa cover, table cloth, garbage bag, computer cover, air conditioner cover, fan cover, newspaper bag, bed cover, floor leather base cloth, carpet base cloth, etc.
5. holiday necessities
Disposable underwear, pants, travel caps, camping tents, floor coverings, maps, disposable slippers, blinds, pillowcases, beauty skirts, chair back covers, gift bags, sweat belts, storage bags, etc.

6. protective suit
Chemical protective clothing, electromagnetic protective clothing, radiation protection overalls, painting overalls, purification workshop overalls, anti-static overalls, repairman overalls, virus protective clothing, laboratory clothing, visiting clothing, etc.
7. for agriculture
Vegetable greenhouse curtain, seedling raising cloth, livestock shed covering cloth, fruit bag cover, gardening cloth, soil and water conservation cloth, frost-proof cloth, insect-proof cloth, insulation cloth, soilless culture, floating cover, vegetable planting, tea planting, ginseng Planting, flower planting, etc.
8. Building waterproofing
Asphalt linoleum base cloth, roof waterproofing, indoor wall covering, decorative materials, etc.
9. geotextile
Airport runways, highways, railways, street subgrades, drainage projects, dams, ports, tunnel projects, landfills, waste recycling and disposal sites, soil and water conservation projects, etc.
10. shoe industry
Artificial leather base cloth, shoe lining, shoe bag, etc.
11. car cloth
Roof, hood lining, traveling compartment lining, seat cover, door panel lining, dust cover, sound insulation, heat insulation material, shock absorption material, car cover, tarpaulin, yacht cover, tire cloth, etc.
12. Industrial cloth
Lining bags for cables, insulating materials, filter and cleaning cloth, etc.
13. packaging cloth
CD packaging bags, luggage linings, furniture linings, insect repellent packaging bags, deodorant packaging bags, shopping bags, rice bags, flour bags, fertilizer bags, cement bags, product packaging, etc.

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